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MHM Health Consultancy Ltd /MHM Business Solutions

Michaelene Holder March CEO MHM Health Consultancy Ltd

Michaelene Holder-March
CEO of MHM Health Consultancy Ltd.
Mrs Holder-March, is a goal driven healthcare executive with over 31 years of leadership and training experience. She is well respected in the UK and USA for her professionalism, her vast experience and portfolio of managing Corporate & Clinical Governance, Risk Management, Information Governance, Operations, System Resilience, Claims, Audit, Health and Safety in both the public and private healthcare sector. Drawing on her experience working with a wide range of companies of all sizes, from all sectors. Michaelene is an enthusiastic and inspirational executive coach, also a strategic advisor in reorganising companies and advising CEOs and senior management, specialises in revitalising companies, ensuring that businesses objectives are achieved through having the right people in the right roles.
Today Michaelene Gail Holder-March is an executive director of Operations and Nursing at one the UK biggest NHS providers and has 3 established UK companies http://  




John Cockburn-Evans Business Coach and ConsultantAspire is an innovative new consultancy that is founded on strong Lean & Operational expertise. We ensure that we work closely with our clients, and only deliver what is necessary to meet the clients’ needs. Our mantra is to reduce or eliminate all “waste”, whether it be process, transactional, environmental or energy. “Fat” is the unnecessary waste that the customer is not prepared to pay for. Our Principal and Founder John Cockburn-Evans is also a certified ESOS Lead Energy Assessor, and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He has consulted on “Operations Excellence” with multiple global clients, and coached at all levels of organisations including C-Level, Directors & VP’s. John has also spent considerable time with first line supervisors, and shop floor personnel, helping them get where they need to be. Everything that we do is executed so that it is totally sustainable for the client. We create a “Lean” Mindset at all levels of the organisation and offer continuous coaching to maintain this. We firmly believe in the 80/20 rule, and if there is an appropriate short-cut that gets to the result quicker without compromising sustainability, we will take it
Aspire can also execute Energy Assessments and provide sustainability plans for small, mid-size SME’s and Corporates.


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Accendit Coaching

Bury St. Edmunds, GB
I facilitate people to move to their “unimaginable” places

I am an experienced operational leader who has consulted globally for a US based global corporate. I have coached VP/Director level externally, and internal corporate high potentials. I now run my own coaching and consulting company, and am passionate about reducing “waste”, and coaching leaders to make their organisations sustainable. I use the consulting arm of my organisation to stay fresh with latest business practices. I enjoy participating in motor racing for fun, which also hopefully keeps me sharp and focused.
Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Executive Coach
Clients will feel a sense of trust and total support. My coaching skills and operational experience combine to help the client get a sense of both perspective and a path towards what they can achieve. In the majority of cases they get to a point well beyond what they initially envisage is possible. This creates a sense of “stretch” which allows them to set even more ambitious goals.
Leaders who know they have more to give and want to grow